Our massages in Kühtai, Tyrol

    pure relaxing with the energy of the nature

    Select herbs, pure oils and well-chosen odoriferous substances: the care products which we use for our massages in Kühtai, are as high- quality as high- efficient - and come directly from the marvellous mountain world which surrounds us.
    The expect at our wellness hotel in Kühtai will help you with pleasure to tune the aromas and active substances exactly to your individual needs.

    Choose your massage in Kühtai, Tyrol:

    Relaxation massage:

    This classical form of the massage works extremly,
    doing good on your back.
    By the different clutches your metabolism
    will be animated.
    Your musscles become recognised
    and straight relaxed.
    Your back will say like "thank you"!


    Whole body massage:  


    Similiar effect like to the relaxation massage,
    and the aspect in harmony by the massage
    of the whole body arrives, as well as the
    detoxifying effect, which you can support by
    drinking water or herbal teas.


    Sound bowl massage:


    Several sound bowls will be on your body laid
    and in different rythms softly groggy. Besides,
    the deliberate hearing of sounds is able and
    producing of tones in deeper layers of our perception
    levels to more restfully relaxation and harmony lead.


    Foot reflex zone massage:


    The foot reflex zone massage is a a massage of
    the inernal organs. Based on the knowledge, that
    all organs of the person on the sole are
    represented, by special printing are to be rached,
    pains will be relieved and removed.
    The selfhealing forces are stimulated.


    Lymphatic drainage:

    The lymphatic system has with his
    cleaning function a deciding one job
    in the defensive system. The lymph
    become metabolism products,
    bacteria and foreign bodie accumulated.
    The lymphatic knots serve as a filter
    and defensive canal in the lymphatic net.


    Aromatic massage:

     Fragrant ethernal oils can enrich our
    everyday life, no matter as we use them.
    Neverless, her effect is most astonishing
    if these oils ar combined with massage.
    Then they will raise our spirits, release
    us from stress and book our health...
    all in quite natural way...


    Peeling massage:

    The aim of the peeling massage is
    beside the relaxation, the cleaning
    of the skin. Old skin scales will be
    removed, the skin becomes by the
    massage and the peeling effect of
    the salt better supplies with blood
    and optimally supplies.
    A wholesome massage for boddy
    and mind.
    The peeling paste exists of base
    oils (olive oil), salt, honey and
    purely ethereal oils of perfume.
    After a peeling massage you have
    a skin supplied well and velvety softy.


    Cupping massage
    in combination with energetic massage


    The "Schröpfmassage" (cupping massage) counts to him
    to the most pleasant kinds of the massage generally.
    It is a proven ancient one.
    Treatments to the decontamination and relaxation.
    With the cupping massage you become
    achievements of metabolism and blood circulation
    to the internal organs animated.
    This leads to a relaxation of musculature
    and even from spasmen. Headaches,
    painful spannings in the back,
    muscle spannings 
    as well as circulatory problems are able in such a way
    noticeably are treated and are relieved.
    The musculature is warmed up, what to one
    Relaxation leads. Because to itself a pleasant one relaxation of the body with that
    "Schröpfmassage" (cupping massage) puts, even one is
    Treatment with stress symptoms indicated.
    With the cellulite (orange skin) become
    existing or forming fat cells
    thoroughly it "works on" and with it
    fat combustion animated.
    A "Schröpfmassage" (cupping massage) also becomes to
    successful rationalisation of the bandage fabric