Everything for your beauty-holiday in Kühtai, Tyrol

    Cosmetics in the Kühtaier Schlössl

    Discover your chocolate side with the beauty-holiday in Kühtai, Tyrol: the cosmetics offers in the Kühtaier Schlössl bring them in gentle manner to the prelight..

    Offers for your beauty-holiday in Kühtai, Tyrol:

    Treatments for good sensations from head to food:


    Facial treatments with the cosmetics line aroma Derm,

    comprehensive natural - cosmetic care. The knowledge

    of the AROMATIC THERAPY with knowledge of her

    dermatology sysematically combines. The treatments

    become according to the skin type coordinatedly.


    Small facial treatment 50 min                                                

    Cleaning, peeling, depth cleaning,

    mask and an individual final care.


    Big facial treatment 80 min                                                  

    Cleaning, peeling, depth cleaning,

    correction of your eyebrows, mask,

    active substance ampoule, facial massage

    and individual final care.


    Facial massage 25 min                                                                                


    Single treatments:

    Eyelashes colour

    brew colour

    brew faconieren

    active substance ampoule                                                                                   


    Ocular treatment specially 25 min                                                      


    Looks very tightening and smoothing.

    In the big facial treatment combinable.

    Manicure with varnish approx. 50min

    Manicure without varnish approx. 50min

    SPA - manicure approx. 80min

    Manicure with next hand peeling

    and hand massage.

    Pedicure with varnish approx. 50min

    Pedicure without varnish approx. 50min

    SPA - pedicure approx. 80min

    Pedicure with next foot peeling

    and foot massage.

    French varnish surcharge in the treatment

    Körperpelling 25min

    with next personal care for

    the softly skin. 


    Ear candle treatment 25 min                                                            

    Ear candle treatment 25min

    In gentle manner warmth and herbal active substances lead

    by burning down to a pleasant pressure regulation

    in the inner ear area. The Durchwärmung is promoted,

    the purification activates and the selfhealing forces

    are strengthened.



    Oberlippe / Kinn                                                                                    

    Upper lip / chin

    Bikini zone

    Legs to knee

    Legs completely



    Alp trilogy

    1x small facial treatment

    1x manicure

    1x pedicure

    Approx. 150 minutes                                                                               


    From head to foot

    1x facial massage

    1x whole body peeling

    Approx. 55 minutes



    Time for me

    1x small facial treatment

    1x SPA - pedicure

    Approx 130 Minuten       


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