Events at Kühtai, Tyrol

    The "i dot" on your holidays

    On account of live music, night skiing, "Stadlparty" or (children) apres ski.. The fullness in events at Kühtai in Tyrol is big. In the small winter sports place on mor than 2000 meters, something is always wrong. Here the bear tap-dances and dance the dolls. At the Kühtaier Schlössl you are not in the middle, but near to it. That is: you can rush andy time quite fast in the "party-scene", or take it easy also completely calmly or sleep in rest. You decide by yourself...

    Our tips for events in and around Kühtai

    No events? No problem! Get in contact with us - we will give you an event- Tip for sure.

    Close to art & culture

    Almost 45 min by car, Innsbruck is pretty interisting with different events.

    Big voices and big masters, on the canvans or on stage. Sporty top performances, culinary climaxes... or dear handicrafts & vaudeville theatre. The choice at Innsbruck is no torture, but the purest pleasure! On you can find out to begin with.

    Of course we also give you here site tips for events at Kühtai and, in addition: simply appeal to us in the adoption - we will help with pleasure!