The Kühtaier Schlössl in Tyrol!

    Lived hospitality for over 700 years

    For a long time before the Kühtaier Schlössl was established in Tyrol, the hospitality was here on more than 2000 m at home. From 1288 till the 19th century impecunious travellers were entitled in the Schwaighof "Chutay" to free accomodation for at least one night.
    From emperor Maximilian who estimated the nightmare saddle in the 16th century as a hunting ground about the "Sommerfrischler" in the 19th century up to emporer Franz Josef I, the Kühtai in 1893 for his family acquired. Kühtai was always a popular destination because of his untouched nature and the good heigh air up here.
    And one more centre of attraction, the skiing discontinued itself in.

    Pioneer's hours of the tourism

    An Alpine-Club hut in the close "Fotschertal", which Hermann Klocker senior in 1947 leased, the entrance of the family was in the tourist industry. Two years later, he received the surcharge for the "Dortmunder Hut" in Kühtai.
    At that time, with a passenger car Kühtai was not still accessible long ago. On initiative of Hermann Klocker senior and two partners guest, material and catering during a 4-hour journey with catepillars and weasels's taxi of the neighbouring place 16 km away became a powder up to Kühtai - with wind and weather.

    A house with (families) history

    In the beginning of the 50s it was so far: the entrance of the Ötztal and from the "Sellenraintal" achieved Kühtai and family Klocker established - immediately compared with the "Dortmunder hut" - their own house: the inn of Kühtaier Schlössl! After the opening in 1952 grew the company like the number grown fond habitues steadily in... and from the smart inn became a small hotel.

    Generation change and new beginning

    In 1976 son Hermann Klocker junior took over the Kühtaier Schlössl and developed it with a lot of diligence and work to a 75-beds hotel with high comfort. Until a fire transformed in 1981 the house into a total loss. No question that the hotel should be rebuilt. And in December, 1982 the "Schlössl" opened in new shine at old place.
    Neverless, everything became too small soon again. A cultivation with child space, strenght room, table tennis space, billards room and four generous holiday apartments in 1989 was the corollary. And hardly 10 years later, another cultivation with spa area, other rooms and comfort suites.

    How does it further go in the Kühtaier Schlössl, Tyrol?

    Since 2012 the parents enjoy her well-earned retirement and son Florian with his family leads the talents of the Kühtaier Schlössl. And the next innovation? Is already in planing! A generous enlargement of dining room and restaurant should offer even more space to the enjoyment and staying to our guest in future.
    We are proud of what has made our family common, and many thanks dear guests who have accompanied us about the years. Visit us in the Kühtaier Schlössl in Tyrol and you also  become a part of our famliy history!