Ski rental company & ski schools in Kühtai, Tyrol

    And the ski vacation can begin!

    With the ski rental companies and ski schools in Kühtai in Tyrol, you are prepared very well for your ski vacation in the Kühtaier Schlössl...

    Finally arrived - and now nothing like scuffle on the runway! However, just something is absend: the suitable ski equipment or somebody who shows you the right technology? No problem! Here there are ski courses for every level: from the light introductory course about the affectionate care in the child clup up to the technology training for advancers. Here you will find top- modern equipment and competend consulation.

    As a guest at our ski hotel in the runway, you enjoy special conditions in some stores. And: your lending skis are delivered to the hotel and will put in your personal, heated ski box.

    Schlössl-Tipp: book your course or your ski equipment already before your journey!

    Ski schools in Kühtai, Tyrol

    • Ski school TOP 2000

    Phone.: +43 (0) 5239 5384

    • Ski school Kühtai

    Phone: +43 (0) 5239 5231

    • Follow Me

    Phone +43 (0) 5239 21688
    Mobile +43 (0) 664 2143985

    Ski rental in Kühtai, Tyrol

    • Ski- and Sport rental Heidegger

    Phone +43 (0) 5239 5272

    >> Guests of the Kühtaier Schlössl get 10% of reduction!

    • Sport Seppl

    Phone +43 (0) 5239 21651
    Fax +43 (0) 5236 3344

    If you still have any questions to the ski rental companies or ski schools in Kühtai, Tyrol, or to your ski vacation in the Kühtaier Schlössl, pleace contact us: we are going to help you with pleasure!